Starting An Employee Discount Program

I want Employee Discounts - What's the Process?

If you are interested in receiving discounted rates on services and brands your employees want, Connect Your Perks can provide you and your company with incredible savings, discounted pricing, and the peace of mind of working with the very best service providers in the nation.

So, how does it work?

Here are the steps to get your company signed up and start benefitting from our discounts:

  1. Contact Connect Your Perks by Enroll Your Company
  2. You will receive a response confirming that you’d like to set up a free company portal — there is no charge for this portal ever!
  3. Post the portal link so your employees and members can access the free registration page.
  4. Make sure your employees/members know that accessing the portal is FREE and can get them discounted services.
  5. Sign yourself up for our program using your company portal and get some discounted services.
  6. Share the portal with your friends and family (it is always free to use).
  7. Sit back and enjoy the fact that you, your company, your family, and your friends are getting discounts on home service.

An Employee Discount Program that is FREE!

Here at Connect Your Perks, the most commonly asked question is, “How Much Does Your Program Cost?” Our favorite answer is to assure anyone interested in offering our employee discount program that it is, in fact, free!

Connect Your Perks receives discounted offers on Internet, cable and satellite television, home phone service, and home security systems from top service providers like Xfinity, DISH, DIRECTV, Spectrum, and ADT among others. Then, we receive our fees from the service providers every time one of your employees signs up for our services, so we are able to extend our discounts to your members and employees. Connect Your Perks is proud to offer our discounts to literally anyone.

The Importance Of Having An Employee Perks Program

In today’s job market, retaining top talent is becoming increasingly difficult.  In order to stay competitive, in such an overpopulated market, employers are looking to beef-up their benefits package to help reduce turnover.

Traditional benefit offerings generally include a group insurance, retirement benefits, sick leave, vacation, and a few other standards. However, that’s just it, they are becoming “standards” and are no longer wowing possible candidates. That’s where traditional and non-traditional benefits and perks can truly be the winning mix.

A 2018 Paychex Pulse of HR survey reported that 33% of HR Professionals say offering competitive benefits is one of the biggest challenges the face, followed by retaining talent. However, we know that non-traditional benefits can cost a pretty penny, but it doesn’t have to! Exploring low-cost benefits that are useful and meaningful to your employees is the key to retaining top talent and reducing strain on your HR department.

Connect Your Perks is a non-traditional, low-cost, employee benefits and perks program that offers meaningful, every day, solutions for your employees. We partner with your organization to deliver exclusive, in-demand, offers from the top home service providers in the U.S.

Another one of our unique offerings is an Employee Wellness Fund that generates income as your employees use our services. The more employees that take advantage of the benefits program, the more we donate to your Employee Wellness Fund. You can cash out your fund at any time for things such as a pizza party, office snacks, a work outing, promotional products, and more! A survey of 1,000 full-time employees reported that employees list free snacks as one of the top job incentives offered.

Connect Your Perks is easy-to-use and enrollment is available all year-round! We pride ourselves on serving more than 35 million employees, across a plethora of industries, nationwide.

Interested in adding excitement back into your benefits or corporate perks program? Shoot us an email at !

Why Offer An Employee Discount Program?

In the ever-changing job market that exists now, many employees can be slightly more decisive when selecting where to work. This is why so many employees have begun to offer an employee discount program as a part of their incentive program. With the introduction of companies like Glassdoor and other job rating companies, it is imperative to keep a good reputation when looking to hire new employees. A solid and diverse employee discount program can help your employees remain happy and satisfied both while at work and when they’re at home.

Connect Your Perks offers discounts and incredible rates for all the members of your company or members group for Internet, home phone, television, and home security.

Your employees can gain access to incredible savings from big names like Dish, DIRECTV, Xfinity, AT&T, and more. Find out more by visiting this page and creating an account.

A Top Rated SHRM Employee Discount Program

If you are attending at the SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Connect Your Perks

We will be relaunching our Employee Discount Program, an easy-to-use rewards plan that offers your employees exclusive deals on home services they can’t get anywhere else.

The program is now easier to implement and more engaging for your employees thanks to new features, including:

  • New platform with expanded offerings and more providers
  • Quicker and easier gift tracking
  • New gated access
  • Simplified usage reporting to see how much the program is being utilized

Why is the new and improved Employee Discount Program right for your organization?

  • No-cost, maintenance-free rewards program that your company can offer employees
  • Effortless setup and onboarding process in which Connect Your Perks provides the customized portal and creative
  • Nationwide coverage – All employees and their families can participate
  • Perfect for small businesses all the way up to nationwide corporations

Enroll Today For Free!

Have questions or ready to get started today, then enroll online! Even if you’re not attending the conference this year, you can still enroll in the Employee Discount Program anytime.

How are companies like Disney and IBM revolutionizing voluntary benefits?

What do Disney, Microsoft and IBM all have in common besides being some of the world’s most recognizable brands?

According to HR industry veteran Rob J. Thurston , these three companies are at the forefront of a major shift in deciding which voluntary benefits to offer employees. Thurston and Gabrielson collaborated on a brand-new article titled “IBM, Disney and Microsoft’s Impact on Voluntary Benefits,” in which they explore how organizations are realizing that employees want benefits that are useful in their daily lives (especially home services).

You can read the article for free at or read it in the upcoming November 2016 print edition of Corporate Wellness Magazine.

Home service discounts for your organization

Want to learn how you can add your organization to the growing list of those featuring home service discounts in their voluntary benefits packages?

Visit our Home Service Benefits page to learn about the home service discount programs available to employers, associations, TPAs, PEOs and brokers!